Well that’s just bloody typical

Friday: the House of Lords sends out a clear message that the current government’s over reliance on massive databases and intrusions into citizen’s privacy is foolhardy and wrong.

Sunday: the current government decides that it really should create a massive and intrusive database of everyone’s journeys.

Note to the current government: you’re a bunch of feckless twunts and I despise you and everything you stand for.

Note to the House of Lords: I don’t know why it is that you, an unelected and out of touch bunch of old people, are the only ones actually standing up for the traditional freedoms of the citizens of the United Kingdom, but I’d very much like you to keep on doing it…

One thought on “Well that’s just bloody typical

  1. And if they could drop all that corruption shit, please, that would be lovely. Then they’d be able to really kick the government where it’s vulnerable: moral authority.

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