From this weeks AutoTrader


Except, of course, that I’ve not bought Autotrader in years. Can’t be doing with giving money to tax-dodgers like the Guardian group, can we? That’d be horribly hypocritical…

2 thoughts on “From this weeks AutoTrader

  1. The Guardian sold it, didn’t they? In fact they made something like £300million from it, using a tax-efficient SPV in the Caymans. Which is perfectly fine, of course, not even slightly hypocritical, as they’re not Tesco. Which is totally different. Obviously.

  2. I actually don’t know if they sold it. I do remember reading a couple of years ago that if it wasn’t for Autotrader and public sector job ads, GMG would have been fiscally bankrupted many years ago…

    Of course, that hasn’t stopped them from being morally bankrupted.

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