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So far, the government have probably thought that they’ve been pretty smart about the implementation of ID cards. Like any good bully, they’ve picked their targets carefully.

They went after those who didn’t know any better, when they went after children.

They went after those who couldn’t fight back, when they went after foreign workers.

They went after those who afford to fight back, when they went after low paid security staff.

Unfortunately, in and among some of those low paid security staff at UKish airports, they neglected to consider the very organised and rather well paid pilots. Who are more than capable of fighting back, and have been talking like they might just do that.

Airline pilots have warned the government that they will not take part in their security theatre trial of ID cards at Manchester and City of London airports.

The Home Office wants to trial the cards for airside workers at the two airports. Several UK airlines have already pointed out the dumbness of the dumb idea.

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has now written to management at both airports to inform them that pilots would not carry the cards.

Balpa said the cards would add nothing to security and that promises from the Home Office that carrying the cards would be voluntary had already been broken.

I do hope that they stick to their guns. Actually, I do hope that they find some ID cards, sharpen the edges and then shove them – sideways – up the arse of the first person to suggest that they carry them. But that may just be wishful thinking.

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