And yet more stolen memeage

This time from MFG. But I’m going to go less deep with it. I’m all about the superficial, me.

I have: Mah-hoosive ears and a freakish habit of spotting double entendres in far too many innocent phrases. But then again, I also have a most excellent and very lovely girlfriend. Which is nice.

I wish: I could fly as much as I’d like to, and that I had more of a flair for it. But I’d settle for not knowing the meaning of the word fear.

I fear: that we as a nation are trading away irreplaceable freedoms for an illusion of security. When the carrot of security is being held out to protect us from an overblown series of threats from a series of boogiemen.

I wonder: if people will ever have had enough, or if they’ll continue to fail to notice the cage growing around them.

I regret: Some things that I’ve done, but doing them got me to where I am today and made me the man I am. Which means that I can’t regret them too much. And there are things that I regret, but over which I had no control over.

I love: My family, my friends, a certain young lady, the feeling of doing a difficult job well and the feeling of flight.

I always: second guess what I’ve done for years afterwards, and I’m never sure if I regret those things or not.

I usually: think I’d be bored if I had nothing to do but sit and read. And I’d usually be wrong.

I am not: a number, but nor am I a free man. Not in this country no more.

I dance: like only a skinny white man can: very, very badly. Sometimes, however, I don’t care.

I sing: very very badly. I’ve been informed that ‘caterwauling’ is an appropriate description.

I never: get as much sleep as I’d like.

I rarely: lose my temper properly; at least, not since I’ve been losing my temper on the blog regularly…

I cry: sometimes. Drink helps with this, as does the right music.

I need: to figure out a way to survive without being on “The Grid” or breaking the law.

I should: worry about being too paranoid. But I don’t. Does that mean I’m too paranoid, or not paranoid enough?

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