Stop the circle jerk, please

Sorry to be an old curmudgeon about things, but I really will be glad when this week is over. Why you ask? Simple, sez I: because Comic Fucking Relief will be over.

Back in the day, Comic Relief didn’t annoy me. It was a bit of a laugh, and it raised a goodly amount of money for important causes without pissing me off. Even last time round, I wasn’t too bothered.

This year, however, I’m getting royally fucked off by the whole thing. Not by the idea of raising money for charity, of course, because that’s hardly ever a bad idea. But the massive amount of smug back slapping going on by those involved (specifically by Moyles) is sickening. Especially when you look at the returns.

To get what it gets, Comic Relief is whored by hundreds of BBC employees for one entire week, plus all the preparation that is done for weeks before it. Hundreds of hours of TV and radio are devoted to it.

To get a fairly similar amount of money, Barclay’s Bank make money and then pass some of it on. So did Lloyds. So did RBS.

But these are bankers; this are targets of ire these days, despite each of them giving more money to charity each near than Comic Relief makes. We’re expected to treat the Radio 1 celebrities climbing a mountain as demi-gods for making a million and half, while we bitch about bankers who make thirty times that.

Plus, pious self congratulation generally annoys me, even when it’s me doing it. How annoyed do you think I’d be by celebrities I don’t even like sucking each other off on life radio?

4 thoughts on “Stop the circle jerk, please

  1. I particularly loathed Vernon Kay and Nihal’s endless, righteous, earnest moralising about how it’s all worth it.

    I doubt any of those “celebrities” paid their own way, or did any of their own fundraising.

  2. I hadn’t been paying enough attention to know that. Clearly you’re a dedicated follower, sweem.

    Chez: to be fair to them, they did climb a fecking big mountain. And they did raise some money. Fair play. However, they now have my permission to shut the fuck up about it.

  3. Apparently the private jet on the way back was paid for by Gary Barlow. That was the rumor on radio one, anyway.

    Fair play for the effort, yes. I wouldn’t want climb a mountain.

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