It’s rare for someone with views like mine to look at a politician and think “they get it”. Politics doesn’t seem to really attract too many people who realise that government is a big part of the problem, and that the solution is for many things is not government action, but government inaction.

In fact, the only person in UK mainstream politics who has ever got close to that is one David Davis, who is well known for striking away from party lines in the direction of libertarianism. Yes, he has a few daft ideas but he seems to be largely on the side of the angels. I would say that he gets it.

So imagine my surprise t’other when I heard on the radio the following:

Conservative MP David Davies has called on abusive protests against serving military personnel to be outlawed.

The Monmouth MP has tabled an amendment to a bill governing religious hatred that would extend protection to the Armed Forces.

It would make it an offence to incite hatred against serving soldiers.

Aw fuck, thought I, he doesn’t get it at all. So that’s 646 MPs, not one with a clue. Balls

However, upon further investigation, it’s not that bad. It’s a different Conservative MP called David Davies who thinks that making protest illegal is sensible. So it’s only 645 MPs who have not a clue, meaning that nearly 0.2% of MPs don’t make me scared for the future.

Do you think that David Davis will take David Davies to one side and explain to him that just because you find something distasteful doesn’t mean that it should be illegal? Morals and morality shouldn’t transpose to laws and legality, for you new know who’ll find your actions immoral in the future…

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