Oh dear. Oh very expensive dear.

21st Century politics 101: Gordon Brown never has once had a good idea.

21st Century politics 102: The harder Gordon Brown pushes an idea, the worse an idea it is.

21st Century politics 103: Other people only copy Gordon Brown’s ideas when they’re truly up shit creek without a paddle.

Clearly, the US Federal Reserve didn’t attend the above politics course.

The US Federal Reserve says it will buy almost $1.2 trillion (£843bn) worth of debt to help boost lending and promote economic recovery.

It said it would start buying long-term government debt and expand purchases of mortgage-related debt.

The size of the move surprised investors, causing the Dow Jones stock index to jump almost 200 points.

The Bank of England has already begun buying government debt to expand money supply – known as quantitative easing.

Oh dear. The US is just going to start printing money. Excuse me while I check the long range scanners. Ah yes, inflation ahoy

This can only end badly.

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