Things I did at the weekend

In order from Friday evening:

  1. Had a very nice meal for a sibling’s big birthday;
  2. Slept far too little;
  3. Enjoyed the tender ministrations of Mr O’Leary’s vehicle of discomfort;
  4. Drank a little too much;
  5. Ran through far too much of London town after point 4 and trying to get back to TLG’s in time to carry out point 6;
  6. Watched the Ireland game, and the remembered to breathe again after that final penalty missed;
  7. Went to a wedding, and continued with point 4;
  8. Repeated point 2;
  9. Texted the mother to wish her a happy hallmark holiday;
  10. Watched some random Dave Gorman DVD. He’s quite funny, you know;
  11. Talked a fair bit of shite and generally lazed about with TLG;
  12. Repeated point 3;
  13. Was entertained by some dipshit on said vehicle went apeshit because someone had the gall to tell her off for using her phone on final approach. Note to said dipshit: if flying scares you that much, please do the world a favour and use the fucking ferry next time…
  14. Got home, and went to bed in an attempt to make up for points 2 and 8.

So, how about the rest of you? Anything fun to report?

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