Been. Gone. Done it.

Boo. Galactica is over; it is no longer to be; it has shuffled off its mortal coil and run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible.

And I’m OK with that. It went out before it would have had to be pushed out. It tidied up just enough loose ends to leave me happy, but left enough unanswered to avoid being overly drawn out and convoluted. It avoided the mistake that I think Sopranos made, but left enough to the imagination to be a fitting ending.

In short: on my first viewing of the ending, I think that the best TV show of the 21st century had a fitting end. And it would appear that el Reg agrees…

A little bit of spoilage follows:

Initial thoughts on the winding up of the show:

  • Each of the characters with big stories got a tidy ending. Even Starbuck.
  • Some of the lesser characters were short shifted with their endings, probably Dualla being the one that worried me the most.
  • The SFX budget for the final show must be have been immense; the death throws of the boat and the various flybys were awe inspiring.
  • I still don’t get how they managed to make Six look amazing when she was dressed down, but so dull when dolled up.
  • The tie ups of visions from the end of season one into the last show left me with a deep set of ‘well, that works’…
  • I’m happy that they managed to get round to including a massive space battle in the final show.
  • I’m less happy that they seemed to feel that they had to show the old style centurions in the end.
  • I was extremely satisfied that Tyrol managed to get round to strangling Tory. For she greatly annoyed me.

Now, there’s just The Plan and Caprica to look forward to…

4 thoughts on “Been. Gone. Done it.

  1. I’ve just watched it. Confused the hell out of me, but that might be because I skipped pretty much all the episodes between about number four and the last one.

  2. Actual number four – the fourth episode. Season one I assume. They were busy jumping places and battling cylons and having random people show up as cylons. Think I got as far as the Pres’ cancer turning up.

  3. So you’ve missed out on the best bits then. Everything from occupations, elections, the distinction between the military and the police, suicide bombings…

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