Reaping the whirlwind

Politicians have been talking for some time about how the ‘economic downturn’ is going to make the streets a little less safe and cause an increase in crime.

Well, aren’t they the fucking prophets?

And like all good prophets, they’re not above creating a situation where their predictions become more likely. Like, for example, stirring up public hatred and anger towards a man who broke no law. Then they can sit back while said man comes under attack.

The Edinburgh home of former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin was attacked by vandals overnight.

Windows were smashed and a Mercedes S600 car parked in the driveway was vandalised.

Oh, aren’t they prescient? But here’s the thing: they seem to be attempting to enliven the mob and point them towards easy prey. Not realising that the mob, once awakened, cannot be easily guided. They could as easily turn on the people who actually caused the problem, and that would be very messy for the politicians involved…

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