T’other day, when TLG was over, we thought we’d head into town. And, knowing her fondness for shops, I thought that we’d drive in along the Lisburn Road.

This may not have been the best plan, because a little while later, we were doing U-turns in the middle of the road and heading sharpish away from flying objects and swiftly moving Tangis.

This may not have impressed TLG, upon looking back, but at least I could say that it was nothing to do with Norn Iron issues specifically, it was just football related twattery.

Maybe I’d not get away with that over this

Suspected IRA dissidents have hijacked and burnt cars in Catholic parts of Belfast, police in Northern Ireland have said.

Ah, Belfast. The smell of burning lorries, the sight of groups of suspiciously idle young men with covered faces, the friendly warnings from traffic nearby, and the inconvenience of having to check that your front bumper wasn’t melted by passing within six inches of said lorry…

It must be springtime already…

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