Contain your excitement

Oh dear God people, his Obamaness himself is HERE. He’s in these islands, he has graced us with his presence. Soon all will be well, manna will rain from the heavens and the economic difficulties will waste away.

Or, another way that it could go: Obama will turn up, and cause as much hassle as Bush did. He’ll talk a load of wank, nothing will be any better, and Brown will act like the cat that got the cream while he fucks things up even more.

Plz to place your bets as to
a) which I think is more likely; and
b) which is more likely.

Add to that the expected useless crusties turning up to make the proceedings even more fun with their original performance art installations hippy with broken head caused by Met police and hippy picking on the defenceless, and it’s likely to be a fun few days for the media photographers. Because they’re the only ones allowed to take pictures of the police, or so it seems…

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