Shit, he might not be all bad

Only the most unobservant of you will be unaware that I’m really not a fan of Obama. The reasons for this are legion, and include the fact that his entire appeal is based upon a cult of personality, the way that he talks the talk of an unrepentant nannying meddler, the fact that he looks like Lurch off of the Addams Family, and the way that he’s turning out to be almost as inept as Bush was made out to be.

However, some crack journalism seems to have brought out some information that might redeem slightly. It would appear that, after eighteen years of hearing Obama spout absolute shite, there is something which he and I see eye to eye on.

Obama watched the finale [of Battlestar Galactica]just as he had every previous episode, alone in the White House screening room with the volume turned all the way up. Sources said he emerged exhilarated and told several aides that the show’s writers “wrapped things up the best they could, though the very end was a little much.”

The commander in chief also bragged that he “totally called” the fact that “All Along The Watch Tower” would be used as the jump coordinates for the FTL drive.

Blimey. Who’d have thought that Obama would have that sort of taste in television shows, eh?

‘course, it’s obviously an Onion story – it’s too unbelievable that Obama would be a fan of a show which pushed the idea that there are severe limitations to the power of the state…

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