I know it’s rather sad, when you look at the absolute nonsense that populates these pages, but I’ve become rather attached to this here blog. I’ve vomited out my thought onto it for six years now, and there’s something over half a million words there.

Which is why I was less than hugely impressed to check the site last evening and find that it was all replaced by the generic WordPress So you want to start a blog page. I thought I’d lost it all.

Fortunately, I have a recent backup, so I thought I’d leave it a day and then rebuild it. But even more fortunately, it came back itself overnight. Hurrah.

Less good: despite the way that the entire blog seemed to cease existing between the hours of 7pm yesterday and 7 this am, I still managed to get several hundred spam comments. Mutha’ feckin’ spammers, hanging’s too good for them….

On the plus side, I could become a US citizen apparently. Hooray.

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