Too much time on their hands

Yes, I know that it’s pointless and silly and wastes time and resources, but it has to be said that things like this tickle me greatly.

A 100ft Dalek has appeared on the side of a mountain which overlooks Belfast.

However, people living in the city are presumably safe enough from this particular inhabitant of Skaro as it is made from bed linen.

The ‘artwork’ was created on Black Mountain at the weekend by Denis Rush of the UT Events group.

There was a while last year when there were different words appearing up on Black Mountain every week, and I wondered who was doing it and why. And it makes me a little bit sad that the BBC has gone and stopped me wondering about it because they’ve gone and told us who did this and why. In my opinion, it’s better to do such things quietly and with a few unknowns. That’s half the reason Banksey is so big, because there’s an air of mystery about him.

Damn BBC…

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