I may have mentioned, over the years, that I’m a fan of the Song of Ice and Fire books. It’s a series on an epic scale; the only thing that I can think of that is more complicated and woven together than Wheel of Time, and nearly the equal of that for readability.

It does, of course, suffer from the same problem as WoT: because the scale and complexity has gotten a little out of hand, it’s taking more books to finish the story and each of them is longer than the last one. But too much of a good thing? That just makes it better…

Some years ago, it was mooted that there was to be a HBO attempt at making a TV series of said books, but the last I heard of it was before the writers strike. And thusly I’d forgotten about it.

Then, yesterday, I heard this BBC story.

The American company behind hit shows such as Sex and the City and The Sopranos is to film a television pilot in Northern Ireland later this year.

First and Deputy First Ministers Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness made the announcement after talks with HBO officials in California last month.

A Game of Thrones will be filmed in various locations including the Paint Hall studios at the Titanic Quarter.

“A Game of Thrones”? That’s a familiar name

It would appear, by some strange coincidence, that they’re going to try making a fantasy epic in the middle of a dockyard in Belfast. How’d that come to be?

However, having a quick think about it, I see quite a few things that could work. Dunluce could do the job of the Greyjoy stronghold; Enniskillen could do the job of the Twins; Gosford could do for Winterfell. Plus, Derry’s walls and river would make a nice approximation of King’s Landing.

Whadda know? If this works out, this could do wonders for the tourism trade round these parts…

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