Useless bastard

At a time when the country’s finances are in the worst shape ever, how exactly does Alistair Darling think that this budget is going to go down?

As it happens, and since you asked, I think it’ll go down like a lead balloon. I think that a lot of people, sick of handing over half their salary for the government to piss it away, are going to decide that handing over more than half will just take their money and do the decent thing: move to a country that doesn’t screw things up quite as much.

There they’ll be able to drink without having extortionate tax on it; they’ll be able to drive cars without paying fourteen billion percent tax on it; and they’ll be able to take home more than half of their salary.

And then they’ll stop paying the tax that Gordon and Alistair need so dearly, to cope with the rather stupid and obvious bribes that they handed out today. And then we’ll all be that little bit more screwed, won’t we?

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