I have a cunning plan

Daily attendance allowance? My hairy arse…

I fully admit that MPs need to have somewhere to stay when they’re in London. And here’s my cunning plan to deal with it:

  • Find a Whitehall building that has too many people and too much office space.
  • Close it down.
  • Empty said building, and turn it into bedsits.
  • Give each MP (from wherever they’re from) a room.
  • Get rid of the entire expenses system.

See? Simple solution, and it has the advantage of restricting politicians to the immediate Westminster area. Which means that they’re less likely to pollute the rest of the fair city of London…

4 thoughts on “I have a cunning plan

  1. There’s actually a petition on petitions.gov.uk to do exactly that with the Olympic village in Stratford once it’s over…

  2. Two Three issues with that:

    1. Stratford is just too far away; they risk corrupting innocent people across a large swathe of the city.

    2. It assumes that the Olympic village will ever be actually finished.

    3. They never listen to petitions.gov.uk…

    But hey, if The People have started thinking along those lines then who knows what will happen?

  3. I’ve long been of the period (seriously) that any MP not willing to pay for their own accommodation in the capital should be housed in whatever army barracks have space at the time.

    I think MPs bunking with the rank and file could be very character-building for them.

  4. Two problems:

    1. What have the rank and file done to deserve that? Surely they deserve to have some time in this country physically separated from their enemies, not sharing a barracks with them.
    2. There isn’t a barracks close enough to Westminster for my idea of a quarantine zone to happen.

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