The perfect storm?

The economic goings on are shocking; the politicians are being shown to be greedy amoral fuckwits; the productive parts of society are being told that they’re ripe for the slaughter. These days are not good days to be in this country.

However, as always, there’s always someone worse off than us. And that allows us to feel better, through the magic of:


Yes, we get to take pleasure at the misfortune of others. To whit, G Brown.

Because his party is turning against him, over 20,000 people have asked him to quit through his own official site, he’s being shunned by the President of Pakistan, he’s being made to look inept by the LibDems, he’s being ignored by his ‘home’ parliament, his most craven halfwit is having to back down, his mental health is being openly questioned, his pet bully boy is out

In short: nothing he does is working. He is monumentally screwed, and there is nothing but bad to come in the future.

I shouldn’t enjoy this. It’s mean, it’s petty, and it’s almost like kicking a defenceless puppy. But it honestly couldn’t happen to a better guy, so I’ll keep on taking pleasure from the fuckwit’s pain.

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