A little hyperbole, but some valid points too

It’s surprising to me sometimes that this blog has kept going for as long as it has. I forgot to mark it this year, but it’s managed to keep going for six years. It’s seen me go from a student shitting himself over final exams to a gainfully employed individual. It’s seen me live in four houses in two countries. A lot of things have changed since I started, and some things haven’t changed at all.

Back at the start, I was a massive fan of His Clarksonness. And I reg his Sunday Times column religiously.

I’m still a massive fan, but I don’t find myself reading the columns as much. I don’t know if it’s a time thing, or what, but I don’t think I’ve gone looking through the paper looking for said column in a number of years.

Maybe I’m growing as a person; more likely it’s hyperbole fatigue. More likely still I’ve better things to be doing.

But that’s not what I started writing this post; this isn’t about me. No, this is about yet another person taking a shot at the totally inept administration that unfortunately runs this country.

The Clarkson take on the 2009 budget is worth a read.

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are all on a plane, with Brown and Darling at the controls.

We are heading for a mountain. We know that we are all about to be killed. And it is becoming increasingly obvious that our two pilots are completely useless.

Sure, they keep telling us over the PA system that it’s the biggest mountain they’ve seen since 1945 but we’re not to worry.

Unfortunately, however, we are worried because we keep being told by cabin staff that instead of trying to take sensible avoiding action, Brown and Darling are spending most of their time writing rude emails about other pilots, watching porn films and discussing whether Prince William’s as yet unborn daughter should become queen.

And they won’t increase power to the engines and climb out of danger because this would cause global warming.

Blimey. If there’s a better simile doing the rounds at the moment, I’m yet to hear it.

Perhaps I should go back to reading regularly. Who knows how much I’ve missed…

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