The simple things in life

I must be getting old1. I still buy gadgets. For example, t’other day I found a gadget that it would never have occurred to me to buy. I bought it for myself, but I think that TLG got considerably more excitement from it than I did.

The buzzing noise from it seemed to be music to her ears; the declarations of best thing EVER could be heard three doors down; the electric consumption went through the roof. In fact, I think that she totally lost interest in me for a good half hour. And what was this gadget, I hear you ask in horrified tones?



My girl, she does love to blend…

1 – In fact, I am getting old; this morning I became 28. Scary biscuits.

One thought on “The simple things in life

  1. Happy Birthday !

    and thought for a birthday blogger…

    There are chapters in every life which are seldom read and certainly not aloud. Carol Shields

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