Geek attack

I am a rational man. I like to take positions based upon logic. There are some positions, I know, that I take based upon gut feelings that I then cover over with logic, but the logic is usually there.

However, there are some positions that are not based on logic at all, but on pure basic instinct. And logic can’t keep up.

I tend to like smallish French cars, despite not liking France and despite knowing that they’ll break often. I preferred Sega to Nintendo. I prefer PS games to X-box.

And right up at the top of the list of things illogical positions that I hold is my irrational dislike of all things Apple. I just don’t like them, and I’ve been holding off on getting a new phone for a little while because I wanted something like an iPhone that wasn’t an iPhone.

So I’ve just got my mits on one of these. Yes, Google is almost as annoying as Apple, but not quite. And I’ve been using their services for quite some time with nothing like the annoyance factor that Quicktime or iTunes has given me.

So I now have a phone with integrated Google Maps, direct access to youTube and a nifty touchscreen. And no half eaten fruit on the case at all. Which pleases me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be spending the rest of today figuring out how to remove some of the more annoying aspects of Google’s Total Information Gathering scheme…

Also, considerably cheaper than the iPhone. Bonus.

3 thoughts on “Geek attack

  1. Batman got one of these HTC yokes the weekend before last. Bought it on Saturday, reverted to old phone by Thursday and returned it to the shop the following Monday. Big fingers small stylus problem. Also it crashed. And crashed.
    Did I laugh into my iPhone? Only a little bit :)

  2. Angela, surely it was a pleasant surprise to hear from your lovely brother?

    FB: I’m used to having a small touchscreen, and I have to say it’s considerably more friendly in that regard than my last SonyEriccsson. Plus, it’s been on for 36 hours not with not so much as a whimper of misbehaviour, despite me dropping a few dozen apps onto it.

    Plus, it doesn’t have said half eaten fruit on it, which pleases me.

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