I hope it’s just brinkmanship

I know that they haven’t been doing much this season, but I still love the beautiful red cars. They’ve clearly bet on the wrong horse this year; what with the weight of KERS and the somewhat inadequate aerodynamic response to the new rules. But they’re still the team that best demonstrates the spirit of Formula One of old.

Which is why I’m less than impressed by this sort of thing. It’s understandable that the F1 team would react in this way; it’s Italian, and flouncing out in disgust is an entirely typical way to act. Also: Ferrari decided sixty years ago to have a road car business to support its race team – it’s now being told that it shall be penalised for being commercially prudent and fortunate. Which is very against the idea of sport.

But then, I don’t think that the idea will survive in its current form. Because it’s a pretty daft proposal, and the FIA is the most craven organisation in Christendom.

But the threat is worrying. F1 without Ferrari? That would sound the death-knell…

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