It’s funny…

It really doesn’t feel like it, but yesterday was the climax of two years work.

There are some people that I know of who keep a proper diary of everything they do towards earning their Private Pilots Licence. They list every lesson, with a summary of what they do. They list every exam, they list every conversation with anyone about it, they list their plans. I didn’t do anything like that.

I kept a log, to be sure, but I didn’t really keep track of things like exams. And it’s only when I went back to look at it yesterday (to complete all the forms that I have to send to the CAA to actually get a licence) that I realised how much work it was. I don’t seem to remember it being that much work, but I’m sure that I bored people at the time with it. Here’s a few very basic numbers:

Lessons flown: 69
Exams sat Air Law 9/1/08 83%
Human Performance 10/8/08 95%
Type rating 25/10/08 Pass
Navigation 21/12/08 80%
Flight Performance & Planning 21/12/08 90%
Meteorology 4/1/09 90%
Helicopter General 18/1/09 80%
Communications Written 2/1/09 96%
Communications Practical 14/2/09 Pass
Medical taken Class II 20/11/07
Practical Flying test 4 hours worth… 13/5/09 Pass

When I look at it like that, it seems to be a bit more effort than I first envisioned. Totally worth it though. Because I’m now able to call myself Captain Hillan. Which rocks.

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