And where’s the idiot proofing?

It is a brave man that uses the phrase foolproof and means it. For, as we all know, the ingenuity of the true fool cannot be overstated.

It may be Duplo bricks; it may be Mars Bars; it may be the legendary computer game Snake. Someone, somewhere, will have died because of each of them. That is the level of foolishness present in the world; that cannot be legislated away and that cannot be bred out of humanity.

It’s a sad fact, but no matter how fool-proof your system, Mother Nature will respond by bringing the perfect fool to it and proving you wrong.

Which is why I’m concerned by this:

Better Place has demonstrated a prototype battery swapping machine for leccy cars, able to exchange the flat battery of a modified Nissan with a fully charged one in just over 60 seconds.

I have to say, it all looks mighty sharp. All you have to do is drive in, stay still for 120 seconds and then drive off. Idiot proof, yes?

I expect that there’ll be at least one fatality, one explosion and one station damaged beyond repair in the first year though. Because we’re all human, dammit, and that’s what we do best…

That said, it’s a mighty interesting concept. Now if only batteries like that could be made light enough that the car holding them was in anyway quick…

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