Me likee

So, my opinion of the phone, one week in.

It’s still pretty damn fine.

The messaging is very well integrated, although the purist in me would like to be able to delete individual messages more easily, rather than just deleting entire threads. The email (both Gmail and other types) is very good. The Google Talk is something of a novelty, but one that I could see being useful in the future.

The applications are something of a revelation to a Nokia/Sony user, although I accept that Apple Drones will have gotten used to them long ago. Between the metal detector (that actually works), and the games, and the GoogleDocs it’s all pretty tasty. And each of them for free. Huzzah.

The battery life is a bit of a pain, but aside from that, I’m happy. Despite the best wishes of good Dr ‘Blade and her Apple loving ways…

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