Oh noes! What will we do?

Science (!) has today informed us that the genes that make men men will disappear in a mere five million years.

Men may be on the road to extinction as their genes shrink and slowly fade away, medical students have been told.

A researcher in human sex chromosomes said the male Y chromosome may run out within five million years.

Clearly this particular scientist hasn’t been paying attention to the other scientists throughout the world who have told us, without a shadow of a doubt, that we’ll be extinct long before those five million years have run their course.

Examples of things that will stop us getting to a point where we have to worry:

  • Global warming/climate change – we’ll be drowned/frozen/baked before then, depending on which climate change model has yet to be proven wrong.
  • The dreaded cross breed of swine flu and bird flu that’s going to kill us all – the flying pig strain.
  • Toxins in the water.
  • Lack of toxins in the water.
  • The ozone layer packing up and going home.
  • BSE.
  • Poor dead dolphins taking us with them.
  • Mobile phone emissions.
  • … any number of other things that will never happen but get funding for whatever pet project the scientist in question likes.

So I think that I’ll hold off on worrying about the levels of specific genes on the Y-chromosomes. Other things to avoid worrying about just now…

2 thoughts on “Oh noes! What will we do?

  1. I was telling Bert about that gene thing that last night. Said he this morning, that he didn’t get a wink of sleep for worrying about it.

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