More disturbing disruption

Rejoice, London: there’s even more fun to look forward to when the Olympics come round. On top of the city being brought to its knees by traffic, and clouds of things going wrong, and the inevitable failure of the city to be allowed to get on with life, they’re going to mess with a lot of things in your own home.

Regulator Ofcom is looking at the best way to provide new spectrum in London during the 2012 Olympics.

Demands on the airwaves will be huge as thousands of wireless devices will be used during the games to serve athletes, officials and broadcasters.

Ofcom is considering temporarily borrowing spectrum from public sector bodies such as the Ministry of Defence.

It believes that it can set aside a sufficient amount of spectrum without having a major impact on current users.

I’m sorry, but how much faith do you have in Ofcom’s ability to dish out lots of temporary spectrum without killing wireless networks, or Bluetooth, or whatever new gadget has come along in the next three years? Because I have little or none.

So, not only will Londoners be expected to stay at home for the duration so that the tourists can get to the stadia, but they’ll not be able to surf the web from home to pass the time. That’ll be fun, won’t it…

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