No, no, no, as a last resort

This whole fracas with the BNP is pretty daft, don’t you think?

Don’t get me wrong, they’re as abhorrent a group as you’ll get. And there is no doubt in my mind that the sensible majority of the population may, at some point down the line, have to do violence to stop them if they gained any actual power1. But to bring forth the violence now, in the name of anti-fascism, is just silly.

Because such people thrive on being made into victims. They thrive on convincing people that their ideas are such a threat that they cannot be met head on, but must be defeated by unfair methods. Never mind that, should they gain any actual power, they’d use nothing but unfair means and create nothing but actual victims; as it is, they can now say that they’re being hounded and denied the blah blah blah of their mandate.

Which gives them more credit, and more publicity, than they deserve.

So leave the violence until it is needed, and let people listen to the lies and the stupidity. Because they’ll soon see through it.

1 – councillors not having any power in this wonderful centralised country, and MEPs not having any power beyond a big rubber stamp for the OKing of policies put forth by unelected commissioners.

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