Well that’s just disturbing…

There are few things out and about that are entirely un-threatening. The police, which are supposed to be, are actually pretty big on threats. Social workers are there to help, but can take your children away. Charities seem to think that the best way to get money is to send chuggers out to harass people in the street, and then use the money they get to pressure the government to take away more of our freedom.

But there are some things that are un-threatening, and the idea of the ambulance is one of them.

Which is why things like this make no sense to me.

A judge told a driver she displayed “moronic stupidity” by deliberately and repeatedly blocking an ambulance which was carrying a dying patient.

The court was told that Avery overtook the ambulance at speed and slowed down, causing the vehicle to brake suddenly.

Fucking moron. Does anything else really need to be said?

One thought on “Well that’s just disturbing…

  1. It is funny that your site does not recognize my domain email address which is rummuser@rummuser.com. All other blogs in which I enter it as my email address, accept it but in your blog I have had to use my personal email address. You might like to look into this.

    Road rage is beyond anyone’s ability to understand. I have had young pups overtake me and do this blocking after slowing down, happen a few times. On one occasion, luckily for me, a patrolling police vehicle was able to apprehend them and it turned out that these fellows had been known to do this to other older people too.

    The judge’s description, and your more colourful one, says it all.

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