That’s the way, uh-hu-uh-hu, you do it

I’ve already mentioned that violence against the BNP ain’t the way to go. But the British Legion – a group that, to be fair, knows a little bit about violence – seems to be mining a slightly better vein of opposition.

Dear Mr Griffin,

You wore a Poppy lapel badge during your news conference to celebrate your election victory. This was in direct contravention of our polite request that you refrain from politicising one of the nation’s most treasured and beloved symbols.

The Poppy pin, the Poppy logo, and the paper Poppy worn during Remembrance are the property, trademark and emblem of The Royal British Legion.

For nearly 90 years, The Royal British Legion has pursued a policy of being scrupulously above the party political fray. It is vital that everyone – the media, the public and our beneficiaries – know that we will not allow our independence to be undermined or our reputation impaired by being closely associated with any one political party. This is more important now than ever.

Short and simple, and pointing out that young Mr Griffin was claiming a symbol that he shouldn’t, and make sure that his core demographic knows it.

That’s how you do it. At this stage, anyway.

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