There’s the sound bite

An immense amount of damage was done to Gordon Brown with the simple sound bite about him being less like Stalin, more like Mr Bean. Clinton never manager to leave behind the simple sound bite about it depending on what is is.

And I don’t think that the ID card will survive the leader of the Opposition bringing on the German accent.

As polished as ever, Mr Cameron answered each question with barely a hesitation but he continued the debate on ID cards and adopted a German accent. It prompted some laughter but also raised eyebrows. He had added that the only way identity cards would work is if people had to carry them all the time – but said it would be un-British for someone to be stopped and asked for their papers while walking the dog.

It’s very true. The ID card is very un-British; it would give the state a control over our identity that they do not have, and never have had in this country. Long may that continue.

And if it takes the Tories to descend to sound-bites, then that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

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