Things to keep an eye on this weekend

  • The ongoing F1 shenanigans. Sueing, contrats being declaring void, people threatening to go home and take their hundred million dollar ball with them… Now if they could get a fraction of that drama onto the track, F1 would be back in the big time.
  • Iran deciding that the best way to deal with dissent at home is to blame the UK. Don’t get me wrong; I’m fairly convinced that Gordon’s government is evil, but I’m fairly sure that myself and the good Ayatollah have differing reasons for reaching the same conclusion.
  • The police investigating MPs for fraud and other naughty things. Oh, how my heart sings with joy.
  • The Lions test series starting. Which should be fun.

Of course, only one of these will be able to get anything like the attention that it deserves. Because I’ll be out and about in Laaandan town with TLG, which is much more deserving of my attention…

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