Blessed are the geek

For they shall inherit their small part of the earth.

Yesterday, myself and TLG went walkabout in London. And one of the things we did was to meet up with an old friend from uni and his girlfriend; we went and ate a bit of kangaroo and talked a little about what each of us was doing with our lives and how we were getting on. Turns out that this fella has recently had his first book published, for the Games Workshop telling people what some new figures can do to other figures. As he says, he’s changed around his hobby and made it his job. So he’s basically landed on his feet, and is as happy as a pig in poo.

The four of us then went for a little wander through the fair centre of London, and TLG spotted a Games Workshop. And she thought that it would be fun to go in and see if we could see this new book. Lo and behold, it was there. And the author went in the door, had a look at it, and the men in GW t-shirts fell to the floor and kissed his feet, proclaiming to the heavens the excellence of his work, the timeliness of it and the gaping hole in their world that it had filled.

In other words, the man is now a mini-celeb. Turns out he’s even had to do little signing tours.

Which is rather cool, if a little unexpected for someone who spent a lot of time and effort getting a PhD in some really deep science…

6 thoughts on “Blessed are the geek

  1. Huh. I want the people falling at my feet and chasing me for autographs. And here I am pestering the Ballymena Guardian to buy some amusing travel articles from me. Unfair!!

  2. Nelly / Grannymar – I don’t know what’s happening there… I disappear for a day or two and it all goes to hell. Boo.

    SWM – I see your point, but hating the guy just because he has sorted that seems a tad pre-emptive. There are many other reasons…

    Hails – your time will come, you know. Maybe not just now, and hopefully not in the Ballymena Guardian, but eventually.

    Charles – if people ever start kissing your feet, I am going to be very worried.

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