Songs we all need to buy

I was looking through some old storage boxes t’other day, as you do, and I found something from the dark days of 1999: an old PTQ magazine.

And it had something that I think we should all note: the list of country music songs that should be in every household.

  • Get your tongue outta my mouth cos I’m kissing you goodbye
  • I hate every bone in your body except for mine
  • I still miss you baby, but my aim’s getting better1
  • If I’d shot you when I wanted to I’d be out by now
  • Mama get a shovel (there’s a fly on Papa’s head)
  • My wife ran off with my best friend, and I sure do miss him
  • She got the ring, I got the finger
  • You’re the reason our kids are so ugly

I think I should head off in search of this works of modern art…

1 – I’ve been paraphrasing this one in romantic situations for years

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