Good job nobody was fat before…

Hi, and welcome to this edition of Silly Buggers Monthly. This weeks featured silly bugger is none other than a health expert from Nuffield, aided and abetted by the BBC.

And the reason that he’s managed to get himself featured is this:

Overweight celebrities such as Gavin and Stacey star James Corden are making dangerous weight gain appear normal, a medical expert is warning.

Professor Michael McMahon of Nuffield Health says fat stars are seen as role models, helping to make being overweight acceptable.

He says it is akin to the dangers of skinny media images and anorexia.

No, no and no, mein Herr Professor, you are all wrong. Anorexia is a defined psychological condition, and is directly responsible for people dying. And yet, we’ve all gone too far in persecuting images of it.

Fatness, in the style of the celebs mentioned, is not as clearly defined, and you’ll find that while it may indirectly lead to death, it doesn’t do it directly.

Plus, fat folk have been around for rather a while. I remember reading my dad’s Billy Bunter books, and they were hardly new when he got them… So to say that James Corden is ‘normalising’ obesity, you’re actually talking complete codswallop. Fat existed before Eamon Homes even, and has been normal for literally millennia.

But don’t worry, the occasional fat bloke may be normal. But they’ll also be torn down and victimised by the nannies amongst us. For their own protection, of course.

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