Ooh, god

Once again an ex-cop has gone and said a stupid thing.

The government should review the Contempt of Court Act, the UK’s former top anti-terror police officer says.

Peter Clarke said the law, designed to ensure fair trials by limiting reporting of cases, made it harder for anti-terrorism police to do their jobs.

Once again, Mr Former Policeman: the role of the police is not to make laws. Nor is it to lobby for changes to the law. No, it is to deter the breaking of the laws that are there, and the discovery of those who have broken the law.

Anyway, in recent years the police haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory when it comes to being quiet front. Generally when there’s a terrorism arrest, the police release a lot of briefing materials saying that they’ve prevented a massive strike, that they’ve saved countless lives and that generally they’re fantastic. Generally, the person arrested is then cleared of all charges and the police have nothing to say.

So I don’t think that they need any more clearance to make their case until they manage to sort out making the case in a court of law. After that, we can talk.

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