Who saw that coming?

I’ve said many times before that I’m a fan of the beautiful red cars. I’ve also said before that I’m not particularly a fan of Schumacher.

But I have the utmost respect for his talents and his record, so him claiming the vacant seat for a few races can only be a good thing.

Not that I think that he’ll single-handedly turn the performance of the team around. Nor do I think that he’ll adapt too well to the new set-up in the very short term. But I do think that he’ll do wonders on the development side; that’s always been his big contribution to the team, and I can imagine that he’ll know just who he has to kick up the arse if he’s presented with a sup-par car.

Also, I think that it’ll be interesting to see what the fella can do with KERS. If anyone could make a go of it, etc etc.

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