Manoeuvring the deck chairs

Isn’t it hilarious that the government are spending so much time and effort on a doomed project like the ID card? It’s never going to be taken up, but they’re still worrying about Norn Iron-ifying it.

People in NI who identify themselves as Irish will be issued with a different version of the ID card which the Government is planning to introduce.

The Home Office said the scheme must “recognise identity rights” as laid out in the Belfast Agreement.

That means Irish nationals living in NI will be issued with a “personal ID card” rather than a national ID card.

Have a wee read of that; to me it sounds like they think that people who in no way think of themselves as UK citizens will be so desperate to have a UK Identity Card that they’ll settle for one without any of the supposed benefits.

Wishful thinking much?

However, I think that it’s a wonderful new get out clause for those of us willing to forsake our UKish passports should an ID card become compulsorily linked to said passport. Well done, Mr Johnson. You (inadvertently) did a good thing. Your first in your current post, if I recall correctly…

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