Taking the advice of others

I have news: the artist formerly known as TLG is no more.

Or rather, that descriptive is no longer appropriate.


So, I have a conundrum. What do I use to refer to her now?

  • TLF?
  • TLBTB?
  • TLMIW?
  • HID?
  • Ye Olde BAC?

So, which do you think would be most appropriate? And, for a bonus point, what does each mean?

15 thoughts on “Taking the advice of others

  1. Sweet jesus, I’ve been waiting all weekend for you to make this public!

    Once again, congratulations, sir!

  2. Well we had to make sure that a fair chunk of family were told face to face first; letting t’internet loose on such news before parents and siblings found out would be considered bad form.

    Ta, though.

  3. Nicely done ;-) Congratulations to you both!

    And really, if you’re doing this sort of commitment thing, then you should be referring to Her as “The One”. Or, seeing as this is the internet, “Teh 11111!!!elebentyelebens11!”

    Then it’s “HID” after the legality bit’s done!

  4. To be fair, I don’t recall Nelly telling me to do anything. Teasing me about someone who could have been called TLF at this juncture, maybe…

    Thanks, Grannymar!

  5. Congrats again to both of you. Ed you’ll not have the say now on what you call the artist formerly known as TLG it’s up to her, she’s the BOSS.

  6. With the weather we’ve had the last week? No, they wouldn’t let me fly… Boo to them. I’m afraid it was considerably more low key than that.

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