A great race

Today’s Grand Prix was excellent. Much overtaking, much drama, and a Ferrari that wasn’t being driven by a german winning. It’s all good.

I feel that I should explain: I am a huge Ferrari fan. I am not a huge Schumacher fan. Which was why I liked to see Irvine do well (especially in the ’99 season), and is why I like to see Rubens do well. And him winning today, and being the most agressive and balanced driver on the track to boot, was a very good result. More of the same, please.

And less of this while you’re at it, as well. Sure, it made the race a little more interesting overall, but it was a damn stupid thing to be doing. I know a few people who would be about ready to kill that little twat if they ever caught him…

The same people would probably be less than pleased with what Max from the FIA was saying about the future of F1 at Silverstone. I seem to recall something about one of Max’s friends owning Brands Hatch… Must be a coincidence. Moving away from Silverstone would be a very silly thing, what with half the teams being based there. But, hey, I’m just a fan. Not a hideously corrupt complicated reglatory body.

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