Some observations

There are a few things that have struck me after my first few days living in London.

  • the part of London I’m in is rarely in the news for good stuff. Yet the car insurance people have decided that it’s much less a risk than the fairly nice bit of Belfast that I used to live in. So they refunded me some money. Odd.
  • I tried to get a few jobs all over the city, and ended up getting a job a mile and a half away from the flat. It has appeared to be quite a pleasant walk. How embarassingly eco of me, walking to work…
  • Speaking of which, London folk aare somewhat bonkers about distance. In some cases, a five mile distance is talked about as if it’s the actual end of the world, in others they’re happy to move forty miles without thinking. Very strange. How they’re going to respond to Oxford airport renaming itself ‘London Oxford’ when it’s sixty miles away remains to be seen.
  • The pub just around the corner from the new office would appear to have a beer list that extends to about six pages. SIX PAGES. OF BEER. HURRAH.

Further to all that, it’s really quite pleasant having TLF* about. Much more preferable than having to fork over money to thon Stelios nutter…

* – so called because none of you have yet come up with a better solution…

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