the differences, writ large

For the best part of this decade, the Republic has been spending quite a lot of infrastructure money and getting results with it. The road network is on a different scale to that of the 90s; train lines were re-opening and the Luas is moving people around Dublin rather well.

Then the dreaded crunch de credit hit, and all that seems to have gone away.

When the Port Tunnel was being constructed a few years ago, I remember something about a case of subsidence caused by it effecting the Belfast-Dublin rail line. And then said line being open for usual business again some weeks later.

Not any more.

Three months to repair a bridge for what is surely the biggest money spinner that IE and NIR have? That’s gotta show that the money has dried up somewhere. And quickly.

However, it looks like it’s quite good luck that there weren’t any trains there at the time. That could have been very messy…

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