Ah, proper crusties

Growing up in Norn Iron, I thought I’d seen protests. I’d seen people gathering in their thousands to register that we’re not all the murdering bastards that we’re made out to be. I’d seen running battles with police in protest at something or other. I’d seen roadblocks in the city centre about people not being able to march and impromptu fires because people were allowed to march.

But that was nothing. It wasn’t until Ii went to uni that I witnessed real protesting. Where people though up nonsensical slogans and then marched about insisting that the world change no matter how stupid their desired outcome would be. That’s real protest.

And another fine example of such sillyness was in evidence on Blackheath yesterday as I wandered between one workplace and another…
2009-08-28 10.06.15

Don’t you love it. They had the tents, they had the nonsensical slogans decrying capitalism (despite staying in tents from Argos…), they had spaces where the speakers could spout their nonsense from.

What I didn’t see was any eidence of showers. Surprising, that. I think that I’ll avoid the downwind areas for a few days…

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