I hope so

Do you think that playing Tetris makes you smarter? I’d like to say so, but I fear that it’s not actually the case.

But while Tetris continues to win over new legions of entry-level computer gamers, it’s also been drawing the interest of brain scientists. Some even suggest the game may actually be good for the health of the mind if not the body.

But the apparent benefits of Tetris or other such games only go so far. What scientists have so far failed to find out is whether the new mental powers learnt from playing Tetris can help with anything other than… playing Tetris.

If playing Tetris (or Solitaire, or Sudoku for that matter) actually made you smarter, then I’m fairly sure that I’d be a contender for Mensa. But since I’m not, they must be somewhat unconnected to any gain in brains.

And I didn’t even need to play the game for more than half an hour to come to that conclusion…

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