Boo. Wrong platform, again.

Back in the early days of me playing computer games, I wanted a Commodore. I never got one; I got a nice Atari instead, but there’s still a hankering deep in my soul for the old C64 games.

And now some bastid has gone and released an emulator for the bloody iPayTooMuchForAverageProduct. Or iPhone, if you prefer…

Now, if someone much smarter than I could get off their arse and code one for the android system, I’ll be more happy. And then I shall lose what life I have as I play classics1 on the mobile. Hurrah.

1 – I’m hoping for Paperboy, myself… TLF wants to resurrect Blockbusters, but only because she remembers a cheat that allowed it to make it look like Bob Holness was having a bad case of the DTs…

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