The time, it has a-flown

You know, it’s more than ten days since that wedding I went to… And I didn’t post anything about it. Shocking, really.

First off: up north is really, really far away. There’s something about a drive the length of the country (along something that the BBC has taken to calling recession road) that really takes it out of you, even if you are in such a fine vehicle as Abby and you have such fine company as TLF and friends in tow.

Secondly, having someone in the position of TLF in your life means that weddings stop being just another pissup, and start being another pissup with opportunities for note taking. So instead of just throwing copious amounts of free wine down the throat, you throw a bit of free wine down your throat and then make a note that there shall be more free red at your own wedding. You note how the various bits go, how the cars suit, how people behave, how you can’t get away with banishing the noisy kids to the garden, how people seem to be more happy than is the norm, and all that. You notice just how good TLF looks in a bridesmaid dress, and idly wonder how much she can better it for her own big day.

Thirdly: you thank your lucky stars that someone else is involved that’s a logistical and organisational genius. There’s many things to keep track of, and too may of them I didn’t realise even existed.

And fourthly: you look at the pictures, realise that you look like a bit of a gormless fool, and resolve that none of them will ever see the light of day. Ever.


4 thoughts on “The time, it has a-flown

  1. Far from appearing gormless, I’d say the look of being in love really suits you…

    Is this the soppiest comment I’ve ever made on your blog?

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