That never actually occured

Sometimes some things are too obvious to be noticed. Back in the days of Witness, it took me ages to notice the nness at the end of everything and make the connection that Guinness may have something to do with the sponsorship.

Similarly, for most of my life I lived in Randalstown, and I didn’t actually make the connection that Moneynick Road could be used as a cheap pun by lazy journalists. Luckily, the BBC is here to help.

Police are looking for thieves who stole money from an ATM in an unfortunately ironic location – the Moneynick Road.

Incidentally, Moneynick is not named for once being a hotspot for those seeking an unlawful pecuniary advantage.

According to, Moneynick is the anglicisation of the Irish place name Muine Chnoic, which means ‘thicket of the hill’.

Well, now we know…

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