And now, you will give the right answer

As you’d expect, I’m pretty livid about the fact that the EU is making Ireland vote again on Lisbon. It’s disgraceful that a supposedly democratic organisation is unwilling to take the only democratically offered opinion on its Treaty, and is ensuring that said Treaty is voted on again (and again, and again) until the stupid electorate gives the opinion that the EU wants to hear.

However, I’m even more livid that the Irish are likely to vote yes. They did this on Nice, as well, and that was a fucking stupid precedent to set. There are many honest, simple and sensible reasons to vote against that, and changing the national mind just showed Brussels that it could be done.

Likewise, there are a great many reasons to vote no again this time round. My top three, based not on the actual document but on the way that the document is being pushed, are:

  • The text is still unread by the vast majority of people, and not understood by most of those who have read it. When it doubt, if you can’t understand the text of a new law and those who wrote the new law won’t explain it properly, vote against.
  • The EU specifically structured the Treaty to avoid referenda in the countries of Europe, because they knew that some of them would be likely to reject it. Why? Is it because they knew it’d be unpopular, or because they knew that it wasn’t needed?
  • Being asked again, like a naughty schoolchild, is insulting. Tell them to fuck off, and take the answer they’re given, not the answer they want.

Please, Irish folk – say no. It was the right answer then, and it’s the right answer no.

This has been a plea, not on behalf of any political party, but on behalf of the 750 million other EU citizens that were denied a vote on this treaty, because our leaders were scared of what we’d say…

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