Big city living, the downside

There had to be one, didn’t there. and I’ve discovered the thing that may just annoy me the most.

London local news.

We all know the deal with local news. A little bit of journalism, a little bit of whinging about Westminster now giving out enough money, a silly campaign, a funny looking cat, and then over to London for the serious news. The London news then deals with the big shit, as well as all the stories about London that are big enough to be of interest to the entire city.

So what’s left for the London local news? They still do the silly campaigns, they still whinge about any cuts that may be made, they still do the funny cats. But there doesn’t seem to be any actual journalism – all that is important to the whole story is covered in the national news. So they spend that little bit more time whinging and campaigning. And it’s bloody annoying.

So, I’ve discovered the downside. Good to get that out of the way, I think…

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